Wednesday, 10 January 2018

26 Life Principles


      Accept others for
      who they are and
      for the choices they
      have made even if
      you have difficulty
      understanding their
      beliefs, motives
      or actions.

      *BREAK AWAY*
      Break away from
      everything that
      stands in the way
      of what you hope
      to accomplish
      with your life.

      Create a family
      of friends whom
      you can share your
      hopes, dreams,
      sorrows, and
      happiness together.

      Decide that you’ll be
      successful *&* happy
      come what may, and
      good things will find
      you. The roadblocks
      are only minor
      obstacles along
      the way.

      Explore & experiment.
      The world has much
      to offer, and you
      have much to give.
      And every time you
      try something new,
      you’ll learn more
      about yourself.

      Grudges only weigh
      you down and inspire
      unhappiness *&* grief.
      Soar above it, and
      remember that
      everyone makes

      Leave the childhood
      monsters behind. They
      can no longer hurt you
      or stand in your way.

      Hope for the best
      and never forget that
      anything is possible
      as long as you remain
      dedicated to the task.

      Ignore the negative
      voice inside your head.
      Focus instead on your
      goals and remember
      your accomplishments.
      Your past success is only
      a small inkling of what
      the future holds.

      Journey to new worlds,
      new possibilities, is
      mostly by remaining
      Try to learn something
      new every day and you
      will grow in Knowledge.

      Know that no matter
      how bad things seem,
      to be they will always
      get better.
      The harshest Winter
      always follows the
      Warmth of Spring.

      Let love fill your
      heart instead of hate.
      When hate is in your
      heart, there is *NO* room
      for anything else,
      but when love is in
      your heart, there’s
      room for endless

      Manage your time and
      your expenses wisely,
      and you’ll suffer less
      stress and worry.
      Then you’ll be able to
      focus on the important
      things in life.

      Never ignore the poor,
      infirm, helpless, weak,
      or suffering people.
      Offer your assistance
      when possible, and
      always your kindness
      and understanding.

      Open your eyes and
      take in all the beauty
      around you.
      Even during the
      worst of times,
      there’s still much
      to be thankful for.

      Never forget to have
      fun along the way.
      Success means nothing
      without happiness.

      Ask many questions,
      because you are here
      to learn & be informed.

      Refuse to let worry
      and stress rule your
      Life, and remember
      that things always
      have a way of working
      out in the end.

      Share your talent,
      skills, knowledge,
      and time with others.
      Everything that you
      invest in others will
      return to you many
      times Multiplied.

      Even when your
      dreams seem
      impossible to reach,
      try anyway. You’ll be
      amazed by what you
      can accomplish.

      Use your gifts to
      your best ability.
      Talent that is wasted
      has no value. Talent
      that is made into
      efforts will bring
      unexpected rewards.

      Value the friends and
      family members who
      have supported and
      encouraged you *&* be
      there for them as well.

      Work hard every day
      to be the best person
      you aspire to be, but
      never feel guilty if you
      fall short of your goals.
      Every *sunrise* offers
      a second chance.

      Look deep inside the
      hearts of those around
      you and you will see
      the goodness and
      beauty within.

      Yield to commitment.
      If you stay on track
      and remain dedicated,
      you will find success
      at the end of the road.

      Zoom to a happy
      place when bad
      memories or sorrow
      rears its ugly head.
      Let nothing interfere
      with your goals.
      Instead, focus on
      your abilities, in
      your dreams, and
      a brighter tomorrow.

Send this to the persons you care about.

From a soul that cares.����❤��

Sunday, 31 December 2017


Text: Isaiah 43:18-19
God want us to be ready and prepare for the year 2018. All we need to do is change our negative mentality of doing things such as living in sin, disobedient, and ignorance.
God had decreed according his word to do new things for us in 2018 but we must put or cast away our filthy garment unlike blind Barthemus in Mark10:46-52.
1. It's a distraction and obstacle to reach our rightful position in 2018. Phil3:8-14
2. Our negative lifestyle and mentality in 2017 will become weight against in 2018. Hebrew12:1-2
3. It will separate us from God in 2018. Isaiah59:1-2, Romans6:1-2
4. We will become obstacle or hindrance to our blessings in 2018. Romans8:31
5. We loose faith and trust in God and his promises. 1Corinthians10:9-13
6. Devil will continue to oppress us in 2018. John10:10, 1Peter5:8
7. We will be exploited by others. Daniel 11:32
1. Disobedient to God and people under authority. James4:17
2. Our association with the ungodly. 1Corinthians6:9-20, 2Corinthians6:14-17
3. Lack of planning and laziness. Proverb6:4-11, Revelation3:16-19
4. Selfishness. Matthew7:12, Matthew25:35-45
5. Fear, Worry and Discouragement. Matthew25:25, Matthew6:25-32, Proverb13:12
6. Discrimination, Bitterness and in forgiveness. 1John4:18-21
7. No love for God as no 1 in our lives. Revelation2:1-7
Verse 19
Number23:19, John6:63
Conclusion: Are you doing the right thing at the right time with the right people at the right place in 2017?
Revelation 3:6&13.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Good Governance

Good governance start with us:
When we are good followers.
When religion, ethnicity, tribalism, sentiment and discrimination are the things of the past.
When we stand as a united force with one love to sack our common enemies greedy and looters called politicians from government.
When our own people are in power not those imposed against us.
When we judge our leaders by their performances and accountability.
When we realise that we too are part of government not only powerful few called the cabals and mafia.
When we vote wisely to end money politics and selling of our future and right by our votes.
You and I have a role to play, so participate now so that you can't complain tomorrow.
Mike C Boniface

Monday, 4 December 2017



✌Those who think I  am  proud...for one  reason  or  the other.. Am  sincerely sorry  for  creating such  an impression ! *Pls forgive  me.*��

✌��Those who  think I've  ignored  them... am  really  sorry. *Pls forgive  me.*��

✌��Those  who  felt offended by  my attitude  or character  during  or  before  this  year... I apologize.. *Pls forgive  me.*��

✌��All  those  who  I didn't   visit or  call during  this  year... I am  sorry.. *Pls accept  my  apology and  forgive  me.*��

✌��Those  who  I caused  any  hurt  by  words  or  action... I apologise  for  my  behavior.. *Pls  forgive  me.*��

✌��Those  whose promises I  didn't fulfill...I  wish  I  still can  but  still.. I apologize. *Pls forgive  me.*��

✌��Those  who  felt I am  too  serious  and not  friendly  at times ..I  am  really sorry  if  I  caused  any one  to  stay  away from  me... I apologize. *Pls forgive  me.*��

�� I  love  you because  without you, there  would be no  one  to  call  my brother, Dad, mum, sister, Son, daughter,  Niece, Nephew,  uncle, Auntie, granny,  sweetheart, friend, etc

*ENTER 2018 EMPTY !*
Unforgivingness can *block* you from  receiving God's blessings..... Be  blessed  in  2018
*Live  Peacefully with  Everyone !*


Every hand that is lifted to strike you today will wither, every tongue that is lifted to condemn you will go dumb, every leg that is running to harm you will be twisted. God the helper of the helpless will help you in all areas of your life. He will increase your joy, mercy, grace and peace to the fullest. He will keep all evils, sickness, diseases and plaques away from you and your family. Every obstacle that stand as a Goliath in your life, household and business. Shall be destroy. Everyone planning to harm you will never understand the power that is fighting for you. May the remaining days of this year, be a period of jubilation for you and your family. Amen ������.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Biblical Meaning of the Figure 40

This question got to me this morning and I am looking for someone to help unravel the answer . If you have time answer me (why) Noah made the Arch in 40 days the rains/storm lasted for 40days the Israelites walked through the desert for 40 years the tower of barbel was built in 40 days
Jesus Christ fasted for 40days He ascended to heaven after 40 days Easter is celebrated after 40 days. Life begins at 40. Pass mark starts at 40. Why 40?
If you don't have an answer, please send to others we might get an answer.

Don't give up.

No matter how difficult your past days, weeks and months was something good can still happen before the end of this year if you believe! Don't underrate God or yourself in that situation you are going through now, just know that it part of ways to excel in life! I pray for you this morning that when is time for your Glory to shine you will not be found wanting in Jesus mighty name! Don't give up now, it shall be well soon! Good morning, your hope will not be dashed out today in Jesus name!